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The Rainmaker 1997

The RainmakerThe Rainmaker – 1997
Drama, Courtroom, Lawyer,

The Rainmaker is like David meets Goliath – in the court room. John Grisham, author of the book The Rainmaker, has a solid handle on this type of formula writing and it works well. Which is not surprising given he was a successful lawyer himself before making a lucrative career change. Continue reading

Saving Private Ryan – 1998

Saving Private Ryan 3Saving Private Ryan – 1998
Drama, World War II

If you enjoy war movies, you’ll love this one; if you are faint at heart, maybe not. Combat Veterans, beware. The fire fights, and especially the landing on Omaha Beach in the opening scene, are very graphic and realistic. It brings home clearly the reality of what these brave men faced, their courage, and the magnitude of lives lost. Continue reading

Good Will Hunting – 1997

Good Will Hunting Cover PhotoGood Will Hunting – 1997

If you’ve seen it before, see it again, it’s worth it!

Here we are moving into week two with another movie review for one of our favorites, Matt Damon. And once again I must say, “What an actor!” Good Will Hunting is one of Matt Damon’s earlier movies which I think hit the ball out of the park so get your popcorn popped and get ready because the age old adage, “wrong side of the tracks versus right side of the tracks” is soon to be in full motion. Continue reading

The Legend of Bagger Vance – 2000

Legend of Bagger Vance Photo cover 2The Legend of Bagger Vance – 2000
Drama, Golfing

If you’re in the mood for a feel good movie or need a picker-upper, The Legend of Bagger Vance, directed by Robert Redford, is for you. In fact, this movie is fun for the whole family. When it is over, you can ask yourself many questions. Questions like, “Is this story legend?” “Did Bagger Vance Really exist?” “Does Hardy’s memory serve him right?” Who cares! In my opinion, it’s worth the time! Continue reading