Good Will Hunting – 1997

Good Will Hunting Cover PhotoGood Will Hunting – 1997

If you’ve seen it before, see it again, it’s worth it!

Here we are moving into week two with another movie review for one of our favorites, Matt Damon. And once again I must say, “What an actor!” Good Will Hunting is one of Matt Damon’s earlier movies which I think hit the ball out of the park so get your popcorn popped and get ready because the age old adage, “wrong side of the tracks versus right side of the tracks” is soon to be in full motion.

Everyone wants to see the underdog rise to the occasion and that is exactly what happens in this 1997 film directed by Gus Van Sant and co-written by none other than Matt Damon and his friend, Ben Affleck, who both had starring roles. These best friends reportedly off stage and on the big screen have terrific chemistry and timing.

Matt Damon stars in the title role of Will Hunting, a Bostonian blue collar kid, working as a janitor at MIT, just getting by; no high expectations for himself, just hanging out with his buddies, Chuckie Sullivan, played by Ben Affleck, Morgan O’Mally, played by Casey Affleck (Ben’s little brother in real life), and Billy McBride, played by Cole Hauser. Will’s love interest is, Skylar, a British student at Harvard, played by Minnie Driver. Robin Williams plays Sean Maguire, Will’s therapist. Mr. Williams acting in this role, in my opinion, can be described in one word – Perfect!

As the movie begins we quickly learn that Will has a brilliant mind. The scene that sets up this revelation for the viewer is beautifully written and it is here that you quickly get sucked into the movie. In addition, Will has a quick temper, which gets him into a lot of trouble; trouble defined here as jail. Lucky for him, his brilliance is discovered in the nick of time by MIT Professor Gerald Lambeau played by Stellan Skarsgard. Will is given an opportunity to be released from jail without time, but there are stipulations. This is where Robin Williams comes in and the movie takes off.

When I saw this movie the first time, I loved it. I was expecting a story about someone searching (hunting) for good will, or sharing good will with others. I know that probably sounds hokey, but that’s what I envisioned. A+ goes out to the boys for movie name choice! You fooled me!

Fun Flick Finds

1. What year is the setting for this film?
2. Where do Will and Chuckie get their coffee from?
3. What is the address on Will’s parole card?
4. What coffee brand was referenced when Sean took Will to the lake for a talk?
5. What is Skylar’s dorm room number?

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