The Firm – 1993

TheThe Firm Firm – 1993
Drama – Legal Thriller

The movie, The Firm, was based on the 1991 novel The Firm, written by John Grisham. It was directed by Sydney Pollack, produced by John Davis, Sydney Pollack and Scott Rudin; Screenplay by David Rabe, Robert Towne and David Rayfiel.

The beginning of this movie reminded me of the 1975 sci-fi, The Stepford Wives. If you remember, in that movie a family moves to a very perfect community, almost too good to be true. Well, in The Firm, same kind of thing …

Our main character, Mitch McDeere played by Tom Cruise, a graduating Harvard Law student, is interviewing with different law firms for employment. He is top in his class and has many employment opportunities and offers. Mitch is very enthusiastic about his future and he is driven to elevate himself into a new social status. He comes from a poor background and he has a brother in prison … two things he is embarrassed about and very much wants to put behind him.

Bendini, Lambert & Locke make Mitch a lucrative offer, one which he can’t refuse. The offer includes everything he’s ever dreamed of having and more. He happily accepts and he and his wife Abby, played by Jeanne Tripplehorn, who was seen more recently in the HBO hit, Big Love, proceed to move into a perfect life, provided by the firm … one big happy family … too good to be true. Exactly! Things are never as they seem and the whole kumbaya love fest crumbles away fast. In come murder, corruption and deceit. Mitch figures out he’s involved in something way over his head and he wants out. And you’ll have to watch to see what happens next.

The Firm is pretty riveting at times; fast paced in a Tom Cruise sort of way, and not my favorite in this month’s list of movies, but it’s worth seeing again. Holly Hunter was awesome in her role as Tammy Hemphill. Gary Busey, who played the role of Private Detective Eddie Lomax, was … well … Gary Busey … what else can I say, you’ve got to love him.  And Gene Hackman, an undisputable, fantastic actor, was great in his role as Mitch’s mentor, Avery Tolleson.

Fun Flick Finds:

1. What kind of wine with a cork did Mitch buy for him and Abby’s celebration dinner?

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