Double Jeopardy – 1999

Double JeopartyDouble Jeopardy – 1999
Drama – Thriller

If you didn’t see enough of our spotlighted actress, Ashley Judd, in Heat, have no fear because she is front and center in this weeks drama thriller, Double Jeopardy. And you get a double treat because her co-star in this action packed flick is Tommy Lee Jones.

Double Jeopardy was written by David Weisberg and Douglas Cook. It was directed by Bruce Beresford who also directed the 1989 hit, Driving Miss Daisy, which is coming up in next month’s movie reviews.

If you are familiar with the Fifth Amendment you should have a general idea what this movie is about but if you’re not, you’ll soon learn and you’re going to love it.  Ashley Judd plays the role of a happily married woman and devoted mother named Libby Parsons. She and her husband Nick, played by Bruce Greenwood, appear to live the perfect life and then everything goes to hell in a hand basket, as my grandmother would say.

Loving husband Nick buys Libby a beautiful sailboat, something she has always wanted. They take it out for a very romantic, unforgettable weekend. During the night, Libby is awakened to find that she is covered in blood and Nick is gone. In a state of shock, she wanders up to the deck of the boat, following a trail of blood, and discovers a bloody knife and no Nick. She is confused and trying to make sense of what’s going on. She picks up the knife and is holding it when the Coast Guard shows up and shines a spotlight on her, instructing her to put the knife down. The movie fast tracks and the next thing you know, she’s in prison for murder. From prison she calls her son, Matty, played by Benjamin Weir. He is living with her friend Angela. It is during this conversation that she discovers something very shocking. This when the movie takes off and Tommy Lee Jones, playing Travis, Libby’s parole officer comes in.

Double Jeopardy has it all …love, hate, murder, goose bump moments and moments when you say to yourself, Yeah! But is also has a lot of holes in it, for example when Libby is on the ferry trying to break free of her handcuffs. What she does to free herself is unbelievable. The good news is that you can overlook the bad because it is so good so don’t miss this one.

On a side note, I thought it interesting that both Ashley Judd and a possible double jeopardy situation are in the news this week.

Will Ashley Judd run for senate?

Can Amanda Knox be tried twice for the same crime?

Fun Flick Finds

1. What floor is Libby’s room in the halfway house?

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