Outbreak – 1995

41ieiAs-JHL._SL75_[1]Outbreak – 1995 – Drama – Disaster Movie

Outbreak is the perfect choice if you are in the mood for a disaster movie.  I would file it away with other similar one-word-titled movies like Twister – 1996, Volcano – 1997, Armageddon – 1998 and Poseidon – 2006, to name a few.

Outbreak was directed by Wolfgang Petersen, a German film director and screen writer, who later directed Poseidon.  Wolfgang Petersen was producer of this film, as well, along with Arnold Kopelson and Gail Katz. The screenplay was written by Laurence Dworet and Robert Roy Pool.

A disaster movie is generally about a catastrophic event or happening that potentially would or could destroy the earth or wipeout the human population.  The hero of the film is always able to define the problem and provide a solution, saving the world and/or its people.  Sometimes the hero must die to save the world but in the case of our feature film this week, Outbreak, our hero, Col. Sam Daniels, played by Dustin Hoffman, doesn’t have to die.

Col. Daniels is a doctor in the U.S. Army, working in the disease control center.  There is an outbreak of a highly infectious virus called Motaba that could wipeout the population if not contained.  It is Daniels’ mission, along with his medical team Robby Keough, played by Rene Russo, Maj. Casey Schuler, played by Kevin Spacey, and Cuba Gooding, Jr. as new recruit Major Salt, to get to the root of the problem by defining the origin of the disease, identify the host, and develop an antibody.  If he is able to accomplish his mission he can save the day.  Morgan Freeman portrays Brig. Gen. Billy Ford, Daniels immediate boss.  Donald Sutherland does a fine job portraying the insensitive bad guy, Maj. Gen. Donald McClintock. And last but not least and definitely worth mentioning, we have another Dale Dye sighting.  He plays the role of Col Briggs. (For more information on Dale Dye visit Saving Private Ryan movie review).

Overall, for me, a disaster movie is a disaster movie … seen one … seen them all.  However, in this instance, when the movie was over I pondered whether or not I should look into purchasing a Hazmat suit, something I normally would not have given a second thought.

Fun Flick Finds:

1.  What was the address on the house where the infected lady was picked up?

2.  What was the name of the hospital in Cedar Creek?

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