Rene Russo


Rene Russo

As April and Morgan Freeman month rolls out – in rolls May and Rene Russo, our 5’8” redheaded beauty from Burbank, California.  Russo’s career began when she was approached by a scout and manager from International Creative Management while attending a Rolling Stones concert in the early 70’s.  (She sounds like my kind of girl).  Her opportunities developed from there and in April 1974 she graced the cover of Vogue magazine, something she would do many times over before her acting career took off.  In 1987 she took a part in a television series by the name of Sable.  It wasn’t until 1989, at the age 35, that she took a part in the movie Major League starring Tom Berenger and Charlie Sheen and things started coming together for her.  Some might say Rene Russo was a late bloomer.  I say she has come a long way baby!  She’s a true testament that everything gets better with age!

Our reviews this month start with The Thomas Crown Affair which is always a crowd pleaser and my favorite Rene Russo movie.  The chemistry between her and Pierce Brosnan is undeniable.  To conclude the month we’ll take a look at Tin Cup with Kevin Costner.  And if time allows, we’ll fill in the month with Ransom and the Line of Fire.  So get ready for another month of action, drama, and fun.

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One response to “Rene Russo

  1. I have started coming back regularly for your reviews because I enjoy old movies that maybe I haven’t seen–What is next?

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