Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner

Finally!  There’s No Way Out.  It’s time to review Kevin Costner movies.  It could take months to run through all the movies he’s made that are down right entertaining starting with the first movie I ever saw him in … No Way Out1987 … so I say let’s do it.  Why not, right!

Kevin Costner is a down right, dyed in the wool, nice guy or at least that’s what I’ve heard first hand from a couple of my friends who’ve had the pleasure of meeting him at one of his music gigs this summer.  Yes, he is a musician, as well as, an actor.  His band is called Modern West.

It seems, no matter how hard he tries, Mr. Costner’s Mr. Nice Guy attitude bleeds through in most of the characters he portrays, with exception of maybe Mr. Brooks – 2007.  Creepy!  He’s not such a nice guy in that one.  But Bull Durham – 1988, Field of Dreams – 1989, Dances with Wolves- 1990, Waterworld 1995, Tin Cup – 1996, and The Postman – 1997 the nice guy shines through.  The late 1980’s and 1990’s, in my opinion, are his best acting years.   Having said that, our list is made so let’s get started.

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