Eye of the Beholder – 1999

Product DetailsEye of the Beholder – 1999
Drama – Thriller – Serial Killer

The movie, Eye of the Beholder, is a thriller based on the novel written by Marc Behm and written and directed by Stephan Elliot. It stars Ashley Judd as Joanna Eris and Ewan McGregor as Detective Steven Wilson: Code Name: Eye.

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Double Jeopardy – 1999

Double JeopartyDouble Jeopardy – 1999
Drama – Thriller

If you didn’t see enough of our spotlighted actress, Ashley Judd, in Heat, have no fear because she is front and center in this weeks drama thriller, Double Jeopardy. And you get a double treat because her co-star in this action packed flick is Tommy Lee Jones.

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Heat – 1995

Heat Heat – 1995
Drama – Cops and Robbers

All I can say is if you have never seen the movie Heat you are missing it and I suggest you go out and rent it today. There are so many great things about this movie that I don’t even know where to start. Heat was written and directed by American film director, screenwriter and producer, Michael Mann. That would be the first great thing about the movie.

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Ashley Judd Month

Ashley JuddMarch is here and what a busy lineup we have. We will spring forward with Daylight Saving Time March 10th, we celebrate St. Patty’s Day March 17th, the first day of spring is March 21st, and Easter comes early this year on March 31st … but most importantly, we spring into Ashley Judd Month. John Grisham month ended with “A Time to Kill,” which serves as a perfect segue.

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The Firm – 1993

TheThe Firm Firm – 1993
Drama – Legal Thriller

The movie, The Firm, was based on the 1991 novel The Firm, written by John Grisham. It was directed by Sydney Pollack, produced by John Davis, Sydney Pollack and Scott Rudin; Screenplay by David Rabe, Robert Towne and David Rayfiel.

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A Time to Kill – 1996

A Time to Kill – 1996
Drama – Legal Thriller

A Time to Kill is another movie adaptation of the John Grisham novel of the same name and the last of our four spotlighted John Grisham novel-turn-movie selections this month. It may be the last but, in my opinion, it is one of the best.

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Runaway Jury – 2003

runaway jury 01Runaway Jury – 2003
Drama – Legal Thriller

Runaway Jury, a movie adaptation of the John Grisham novel, The Runaway Jury, is another great courtroom thriller. In my opinion, it could easily have been renamed, The Sting, which of course is another great movie starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman, and one we will review another day … now back to Runaway Jury …

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