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The Thomas Crown Affair – 1999

Thomascrownposter1999[1]The Thomas Crown Affair – 1999 –                                         Heist – Romance – Thriller – Crime

The Thomas Crown Affair was written by Alan Trustman and first released in 1968.  Steve McQueen played the original role of Thomas Crown.  In an interview with Daily News, Staff Writer Mike Jaccarino asked Mr. Trustman what he thought about that cast selection.  He said he originally wrote the part of Thomas Crown for Sean Connery.  When Steve McQueen was cast he was not happy.  He ended up rewriting the Continue reading

High Crimes – 2002

MV5BMTM3MDkyNDMyMV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMDI3Nzc3._V1_SY317_CR9,0,214,317_[1]High Crimes – 2002
Drama – Mystery – Thriller

What better way to start Morgan Freeman month than to pair him with last months spotlighted actress, Ashley Judd.  They make a great acting team and I hope to see them join up again soon.

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Kiss the Girls – 1997

Product DetailsKiss the Girls – 1997
Drama – Crime – Thriller – Serial Killer

To wrap up Ashley Judd month and segue into Morgan Freeman month we are reviewing the 1997 thriller, Kiss the Girls.  This James Patterson novel-turned-movie is an excellent film with all the bells-and-whistles expected from a Drama – Crime- Thriller – Serial Killer movie.   If you read the book and found it to be a page Continue reading

Eye of the Beholder – 1999

Product DetailsEye of the Beholder – 1999
Drama – Thriller – Serial Killer

The movie, Eye of the Beholder, is a thriller based on the novel written by Marc Behm and written and directed by Stephan Elliot. It stars Ashley Judd as Joanna Eris and Ewan McGregor as Detective Steven Wilson: Code Name: Eye.

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